You landed here because you're creating content weekly to grow your following
but you’re not making any sales online...

Or maybe you haven't even started creating content yet because you

can’t figure out what you want to do online..

Watch this video below for a full breakdown of how we have sold

1000’s of different products and offers without fancy software

and going viral so you can plug it into your biz today

The Simple 4 Step Process We Have Used
To Sell Over $200K Of Digital & Physical Products
Online In The Past Year

🔊Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned On🔊

Our Model Shows You How


Leading To Sales Without Using Complicated Tech

& Knowing Exactly What To Say In Your Content

To Attract People That Actually Want To Buy

This is for people that are ready to remove the guesswork behind getting the tech set up for your business so you can start growing your brand and making consistent sales without feeling like you are being salesy and still exploding your community.

If you’re currently spinning your wheels navigating a labyrinth of software trying to get your business up and functional..  

Staring at the screen with a creased eyebrow saying…HUH?

Most folks are chasing that elusive first commission that just isn't happening because they are creating the same copy-and-paste content like everyone else - Bad Form!

What if I told ya we found a better way to really speed up the growth of your business and bank account?

So you’re not waking up every morning to run over to your email inbox crossing your fingers hoping that you see this 👇👇

That feeling of your first sale is like no other.  It’s the most exhilarating and rewarding experience….it feels like won the damn lottery and we want to help you get there

But I haven't started creating content yet and I don't have a community...

No worries……whether you haven’t even started creating content or have been for a bit but you’re not attracting your ideal audience or experiencing any sales or commissions…

Don’t worry!!!  You’re in the right place. 


We were in your shoes not too long ago. 

And what we’re going to be laying out right here will arm you with the process we used to go from struggling to close any sales…….

To gaining red hot leads by the thousands & consistent sales by the handfuls if you decide to come Vibe and Jive with us.   Together, let's take your business from a never ending merry-go-round.. 

To an all-inclusive trip to Disney World.. But instead of sugary fried snacks.. 

You’ll understand completely how to land those sweet sales 

❌ If you’re spending countless hours inside tech trying to figure out how to build a funnel, set your email up, left to feel like you want to pull your hair out because it’s not working

❌ If you are endlessly creating content but just can’t seem to connect with anyone or actually grow your audience or land sales predictably

❌ If you want to get your face out everywhere to gain more traction but don’t have time to be posting everywhere

❌ If you are terrified of what to do with a lead once you have them interested

Read On, Because This Is For You!

We struggled for months just throwing up copy and paste videos just like everyone else.  Refreshing your feed, hoping to find more likes and follows. 

We had shiny object syndrome spending over $14k in course after course looking for that golden ticket to make it all work.   

Once we put these strategies in place, we both blew our businesses out of the water and were able to turn a couple of pieces of content into thousands of leads and thousands of dollars at the same damn time! 

We actually had to stop making content because we had too many leads.. (A great problem to have) 

Vibe Tribe can get you started from scratch and show you step by step how to create that scroll stopping content & set up and run a community of your own

I mean, how different would your business be if you had more leads that you knew what to do with & sales opportunities presenting themselves almost daily? 

Don't worry, we’re going to be showing you exactly how to turn the overwhelm into Fat Albert paydays from only the right folks.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve done with the 4-step framework we covered inside Vibe Tribe: 

We collectively grew our Facebook groups from 100 - 3000 people in just under 30 days giving us plenty of qualified leads ready to pay so we weren’t wasting time figuring out where our next client was coming from

⭐We have been able to sell over $266K in products online within the last 12 months 

Here's A Snapshot of Our Results

So here’s the good news…We’ve done all this without tons of fancy and expensive tech to get started. Long sales calls and or having to blast out cold DM’s in hopes of people joining your world. 

You won’t ever have to go into other people’s groups to find leads.  Who the hell wants to do that?

Bad news……(insert drum roll here) you will have so many leads coming in, you may be a bit overwhelmed. 

But don't worry, we walk you through the overwhelm and show ya how to turn it into consistent cash flow to pay of those shitty bill collectors

We know that if you follow this plan closely, you can grow your group very quickly and you could focus on what really matters and what brings people to you ready to buy.

I’m going to guess it would be less stressful and you would be more confident?... Am I right?

Still not sure?  So was our client who got a cool $4,200 sale within 5 days of joining us

And Lynn who refused to get her face on camera but when she finally did she went from making $300 to having $14k months in less than a year selling wreaths online

Here is what people in Vibe Tribe are saying...

Let's Breakdown What You Get When You Decide

To Become Part of Vibe Tribe

A 4-Day Workshop with Jeanette and Jill

  • Day One: Setting up your back office AKA the tech.  We will show you how to set up your entire business from start to finish.. So you can collect emails & build rapport with your new group members on autopilot

    (Value = $500)

  • Day Two: Creating and editing content to create raving fans that already feel like they know you, so you can reduce the amount of time from the point of “Hello” to them letting you know they’re ready to buy.

    (Value = $200)

  • Day Three: We will dive into the world of content repurposing and how to make your audience feel like they are seeing you wherever they go and show you how to get onto multiple platforms without having to do extra work (Value = $200)

  • Day Four: We will be diving into the sales process.  Once people are in your world, you will feel confident having conversations with them and build relationships that convert to sales easily and without being pushy. (Value $500)    

In addition, you will get these fancy pants bonuses:

  • Vibe Tribe Productivity Tracker so you stay on track and consistent to grow 

  • Calls to Action and Hashtags to help get people into your community at the speed of lightning

  • Complete Canva training with tips and tricks on how to create 

  • Beacons training on how to set up links and connect it to your social media so you don't let the tech part hold you back 

  • Clickfunnels & System IO training to show you another platform that you can create funnels and emails in 

You Also Get Complimentary Access To Tribe Guide

Our 3-Day Virtual Event Showing You

The 6 Simple Steps to Getting Started Online So You Can Go From Complete Beginner To Winner In 3 Days

  • Day 1 - Picking Your Niche & Creating Your Personal Brand (Value = $250)

  • Day 2 - Everything Content With Exercises On How To Get Started Creating Content, What to Include In Your Videos, Types of Videos To Do  (Value = $500)

  • Day 3 - The Only Tech You Need To Get Started (Value = $250)

You Also Get Complimentary Access To Content Unleashed - 3-Day Virtual Event That Will Show You The 3 Proven Frameworks To Convert More Clients With Content Creation

  • Day 1 - The Profitable Personal Brand ... Crazy Concept Right? Show up as yourself on the internet & get paid because of it. We’ll be revealing a simple & low pressure way to go into building your cash creating content machine. (Value = $250)

  • Day 2 - Story Selling Content Creation - How you can encapsulate your audience in your own unique stories & personal journey that lead down the paths to profit (Value = $200)

  • Day 3 - SEO, Captions, Hashtags & Proof Of Concept - We’ll be diving deep into the nitty gritty of the content creation game so you have REAL time data to back what type of things you need to produce. 

    (Value = $400)

We've Also Just Added...

  • How to include email in your business with a template for you to use to create your email campaign

  • Mindset training on how to keep your brain in the game

  • How to set up your community and what to do in it to turn followers into cash

And the best part of all... is that you get the support of Jill & I inside Vibe Tribe. 

We go live every Thursday to help you with whatever you need so you don’t have to go at this alone.  

The community inside Vibe Tribe is a big family and we are all there to root for each other every step of the way.  

This is not a done for you program as we want to show you how to build YOUR business and not someone else’s.  

You will need to put the time and work in to accomplish this. 

By knowing how everything works you’ll be able to leverage this to increase your income even

more in your business 

If you put these exact strategies into action, you will be able to attract your tribe who will be your biggest raving fans and the people that buy from you and roll with you for your entire journey online.  

The beginning of this journey is the hardest part because there are so many things to learn

from content to marketing to techy stuff to sales which is why we decided to create

this training sharing how we hit our breakthrough and finally started making $1,000s each month

None of us started with these talents so we have put together a program that will talk you through these beginning steps that can feel like mountains that can never be scaled. 

If you are ready to explode your Facebook community and start on the right track with money momentum, then now is the time!

But only if you really want to simplify your own process of setting up the tech

so you can easily grow your group

and start landing more sales each month without the headaches

Give yourself the gift of less stress and

the knowledge you need to get your business cranking out real profits.

You will have us to guide you along the way and help you break down any walls you hit.

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